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Hi, I received all item. All is Very good. I will more order next time. Thank you.”

Thanks for the speedy delivery, happy with the order, I'm a new vaper but once I have something to compare them to I will post a review.”

Hello Friend, I received the Megalodon (the don) is fantastic, very very nice, very very powerful, I am very happy these days, I have a few e cigarettes, but the best is The Don The Don is fantastic. Thank you my friend.”

... Really pleased with your service so want the chance to say so … “

...The Don is fantastic and is the best of my mods. ! The vapour is fantastic too ! I am very happy now !!! Thanks, thanks! “

 “Hi, first of all thank you for the years of healthier live to come..:-)second managed get of tobacco 3 month and nicotine 2 month now great it works for me...”

 “Thanks so much again for prompt reply, already did recommend you website to colleges and friends and I am sure you far the best out there.”

 “my replacement atomizer arrived today. Thank you very much, loved your service.

 “I'm so pleased with this thing (XL EGO),I might just order another set when i have the dough! thanks again, brilliant service. much obliged. :)”

Hi! Thanks again for the batteries, they are in use as I write this...”

 “...the package arrived today, very happy with it, thought it would be much bigger, just love it.”

“The Phidias arrived yesterday and works great I'm really happy with it. Thanks again for the great customer service.”

 “...thanks for an excellent product (Mako Maksi)...”

 “Thanks so much. Just got the box today,...great … was completely off smoking cold turkey...for a week..after 20 years of tobacco..:-( never buy some again.,will still go on with getting off nicotine can really recommend the ego,its smart little beauty, too pretty to give it up ..:-) will try some zero flavors to puff in the evenings, so keep me updated. Regards ”

hi my mako has arrived today wow super fast and its great many thanks “

...The Mako uses easily, and is wonderful...”

“Many thanks, impressive speed of delivery as usual... “

 “Hi received my pipe today. Looks pretty good and love it.”

 “Thank you very much for the replacement atomisers and new Janty Stick which I received today, together with your business cards. The fact that Janty supply a 6 month warranty is outstanding .. might I suggest the you promote and highlight the warranty period at the top of Janty products on your website.

I wish I had purchased my Janty Sticks from you earlier, instead of 10's of pen style kits .. I could have saved hundreds of pounds!
I look forward to your new look website. Thanks again for your excellent customer support.

Best regards”

Thanks so much. Have to say you're about the friendliest online store I've done business with. For that alone I hope you have many successful years to come. Plus your products are, to me, a hell of a lot better then your competitors that I've sampled. I'll be sending in my order soon after the new year. Happy Holidays!”

 “Received the goods today. Thank you very much for the prompt service. I was fearing the worst since the RM strikes, but you do what you do best – deliver! Anyway, just to say thanks, and I will be coming back later for the consumables...Cheers”


“I've got the manual mini pipe and it's very good! … I guess the mini pipe's atomiser is the best among those of pen style and the shape is unique.”

“I received a replacement atomizer today. The condition of it is very good. I wish to express my gratitude. My best regards in the future.”

“...it's been my first e-smoking experience and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for your work!”


 “Wow!!!! This little thing (Janty Stick) is fantastic! Super size and packs a consistent punch.
When I first started on e-cigs about nine months ago the main factor was "does it look like a cigarette", well that thought has gone out of the window as I am sick of people surrounding me when I pull out my 901 in public, in fact the 901 actually draws attention to you!! I went for a couple of beers last night and to be honest I had a really enjoyable evening for a change, the reason being is that with this little machine you can puff away inconspicuously as it does not draw attention like the 901.Great product! All the best”


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WARNING: The electronic cigarette will not cure a smoker's addiction to nicotine, the electronic cigarette serves the same purpose as a tobacco cigarette - it delivers its user nicotine. If you do suffer from the disease of Tobacco/Nicotine Dependence Syndrome and want to take steps to give up smoking or cut down the quantity of cigarettes you currently smoke, we recommend you visit your health care provider to discuss NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) or a nicotine harm reduction programme.

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