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January Coupon: 10% Discount Code!!

As a massive thank you to all our customers and to apologize for the recent few days downtime, we are offering a 10% discount code.

The discount will extend through the whole of January 2014 and you need to type the following code at checkout to activate your discount:


The code works on all our electronic cigarette related products including the Megalodon, Mako, Lavatube, Vmax etc only while stocks last!

A Big Happy New Year from the Moju Team!


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Website Maintenance Complete!

Apologies for the recent downtime, but the website has been undergoing some critical maintenance and now should be running as normal again. :-)

Hope you all had a great Christmas/New Year!


Moju Team

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Summer Clearance – Up to 50% Off

We have reduced the price of quite a large number of products for the month of August – some products with more than 50% off at cost or below!

But be quick because when its gone its gone – check out the Lavatube @

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New Moju Eliquid Flavours Added

Just to let you know that we have added some more eliquid flavours in our 30ml range.

New flavoured blends include:

Caramel; Clove; Coconut; Green Tea; Honey; Spearmint

New fruit flavours include:

Apple; Mango; Pomegranate; Water Melon

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VV: enthusiasts need only apply ?

It seems that variable voltage (VV) devices are becoming more and more popular and it begs the question of whether this popularity is warranted or is demand driven solely by the hardcore enthusiasts… the ‘must buy everything’ crew who tend to enthusiastically shout about the latest and greatest?

It seems devices such as the eGo/Riva (meGo in our case) don’t get as much limelight anymore even though they are still relatively new products, even though they were once not so long ago, the enthuisiasts device of choice.

USB meGo charge 'n vape

USB meGo charge 'n vape

In an industry which is moving at light speed in terms of innovation and invention with seemingly every man/woman searching for absolute perfection are we too quick to move on without appreciating what we already have in our blind pursuit for vaping nirvana or at least the illusion of it?

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Bottom Buttons: the good, the bad and the ugly…

Electronic cigarette mods now come with switches pretty much in every place imaginable, top side, bottom side, mouthpiece activated, bottom mounted and added to that various formats such as touch, locking, electronic, mechanical…. I’m getting dizzy just thinking about all of the options!

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CE2 510 XL Clearomizers
Come and check out our brand new CE2 510 XL Clearomisers @

These take a more than adequate 1.8 ml of liquid and can be refilled with the included syringe.

Brand new CE2 Clearomisers with 510 connection can be used with any 510 device!

These represent a new breed of atomisers which have abandoned the traditional filler and can be refilled with up to 1.8ml of liquid.

The tank is clear which makes it easy to see when you need to refill with liquid.

Included with every 5 pack of 510 clearomisers:

5 x 510 clearomisers (2.6-2.8 Ohms)

1 x Mouth tip

1 x Flexible Needle tip

1 x 2ml syringe

1 x Instruction card

All for

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Megalodon (The Don) Available Now!!!

The Megalodon or just simply put ‘The Don’ is a high end classy ENV (electronic nicotine vaporiser) with a difference, namely you can transform it from a large to a small device depending on how your mood takes you. The full size Don is ideal for going camping or if you travel a lot with its 18650 battery lasting between 2-3 days inbetween charges. While the smaller, more discrete Mini Don option is ideal for ‘day to day’ or for taking out to a pub or restaurant with a none to shabby battery life of anywhere between 5 hours to a day.

Produced from a high grade aluminium as well as brass, the Don looks very classy but is probably one our most practical and functional ENV’s that we have on offer. With its adjustable telescopic switch, you can take up any internal battery size discrepancies (commonly associated with lithium batteries) very simply whilst also being able to adjust the switch throw at the same time.

The Don’s mechanical design and impossibly rated switch means that aside from the occasional cleaning of threads and contact points you will have a device that will go on reliably performing for many years after your standard generic electronic cigarette died a ‘liquid got into switch and killed it’ related death.

Available now here from

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Shop is open!!

Hello all!

Well we’ve now been open on trial mode for the past few weeks and everything appears to be running AOK!

Thank you to all of those who have visited our new site and offered valuable feedback.

There are a few changes to be made before the website is fully completed (general housekeeping) and we should have an official opening in 1-2 weeks!

Thanks!! ;-)

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MOJU REPUBLIC almost ready for lift off…

Extremely excited to announce the imminent arrival of our new website…

We should be offering some really nice discounts on opening week and look foward to offering you the best new products for all things ecig!

Viva la vaping revolution….

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